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HealthLife NY is a full-service, holistic local pharmacy and health food store. Our qualified employees are dedicated to meeting the needs of every individual!

Who We Are

HealthLife NY is a family-owned business with a proud history of providing Newburgh, NY and the surrounding area with the highest quality service for over 30 yearsWe are a full-service, concierge, health food store and pharmacy.

For A Better You

HealthLife NY promotes well-being and self-care by carrying only the highest quality vitamins and nutritional supplements on the market today. We aim to not only supply our clientele with the products they need but also to provide the knowledge they need to optimize their health and lifestyle!

Top Offers

Explore our best selling offers

Cottonelle Brand

Limited Offer!

10% - 16% Discount on Dry Bath & Flushable Wipes!

Scott Brand

Limited Offer!

14% Discount on Dry Bath & Paper Towels!

Viva Brand

Limited Offer!

14% Discount!

Kleenex Brand

Limited Offer!

16% Discount!

Poise Brand

Limited Offer!

8% Discount on Pads, Liners, & Impressa!

Depend Brand

Limited Offer!

8% Discount!

Kotex Brand

Limited Offer!

10% Discount!

Huggies  Brand!

Limited Offer!

8% - 11% Discount on Diapers & Wipes!

Pull Up!

Limited Offer!

8% Discount on Pull Ups!



Goodnites children's diapers!


Limited Offer


8% - 11% discount on our Goodnites products!



U by Kotex!


Limited Offer


10% on U by Kotex products!



We carry only the most trusted and reliable brands on the market today!

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